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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stay on Track: Focus Your Efforts to Expand Your Opportunities

Who Are You--and What are You Trying to Achieve in Life? 

Yes, I know--perhaps that's an overwhelming question you may prefer to avoid. But to live a life of purpose and meaning you must figure out what that looks like and the best way for you to get there. 

Too often we travel a scattered and unfocused path to go after our dreams and achieve our goals--sending us down rabbit holes, on wild goose chases, and ultimately leaving us befuddled and exhausted. 

If You're not Trying to get Somewhere Meandering is Fun

Don't get me wrong--if you're not trying to get to a destination, meandering is fun and it can be a delightful part of life. But when you're feeling frustrated because you can't seem to make progress on something of importance to you, then these tangents only serve to distract you from getting where it is you want to go and achieving what you want to achieve.

You Alone Hold the Key

When it matters to you to make forward progress, know you alone hold the key to keeping your energy up while staying on track with your dreams and goals.
And what is the key to putting your time and effort to the best use?
 ....Making a beeline for your dreams and goals by eliminating distractions and concentrating your efforts. In a word: FOCUS.

Making a Beeline toward Your Dreams

Like others, you want the grace and strength to determine your own actions as you make your way in life rather than allowing others to dictate your path.  

To gain the freedom to determine your own actions and make a beeline towards your dreams you'll need to think and act purposefully. 
Where is it you want to go and what are the actions that'll get you there?

Be Direct. Bees fly a direct route--or beeline--to their destination. 

Make a beeline to where you're heading by developing a strategic plan to purposely focus on making daily progress in the direction you're moving, while deliberately eliminating activities distracting you and zapping your energy.  

Avoid wasting your most precious resources--your time and effort--on activities that are tempting but distracting. 

Say NO to what isn't worth doing, and say YES to the activities that that move you closer to your desired destination. 

Conserve your energy by focusing your efforts to expand your opportunities.

🕗 Look for strategic opportunities to focus your energy and attention on--Things that matter. 

🕙 Eliminate activities that serve as distractions and time wasters getting in your way.

Make Sweet Honey from Your Old Failures

To stay on track to achieving your goals and dreams you must concentrate your efforts on things that matter to you. Learn to say NO to engaging in activities that lead you nowhere and drain your energy--including fixating on failure. 

Make a beeline for your dreams instead to sweeten the outcome and lessen the effort. Save your time and energy for the things that matter most. Make life sweet.

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