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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Overwhelmed? How to Slow Down and Start Over

Starting Over

If you've been struggling to regain your balance and sense of happiness after being knocked around by stress, illness, loss, or sadness open your doors to happiness by following these 3 time-tested keys to regain your momentum.

Stop and Start Over

 1. Take the First Step 

Not much has changed in the thousands of years humans have been facing and recovering from the hardships of life. As Lao Tzu stated so long ago, 'a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step'. 

We fuel our inner strength and sense of resiliency by taking action and walking through doors. But sometimes when faced with 'a journey of a thousand miles' we can be overwhelmed with the daunting task of where to begin. What is the first step? Which door to open first?

The good news is any first step will do. Your hope, resiliency, and personal strength will grow stronger with every step you take. It doesn't matter what the first step is. 

As you experience yourself being pro-active and physically taking action, your ability to cope and hope will improve. So start with a single step--any step-- and then take another.

2. Take Small Steps

An old Chinese Proverb says, 'The man who moved a mountain is the one who started taking away the small stones'. When you're in total overwhelm mode, start 'taking away the small stones'--one small step, then another. 

Unleash Your Enthusiasm by Slowing Down

3. Slow Down to Speed Up

Sometimes when life picks up speed that is the moment you need to slow down and just BE, experiencing life without trying to make it happen.

Provide yourself a respite from worry--a time free from focusing on your 'all important' future--a focus sure to keep your anxiety level high and you on constant fear-danger alert. 

Relax and enjoy where you are and what you have NOW. Experience your blessings--don't count them.

Stop pushing your body to the limits with a lack of sleep, exercise and nourishing food--while remaining in a constant state of emotional overload. Breathe.

Let The Sun Shine Again

How to Get Your Natural Rhythms Back in Place

  • Start with the basics to nourish your body and rest your nerves. Your body likes a regular rhythm that includes regular heart beats, breaths, sleep patterns, eating times, moving times, and rest time. 
  • Eat regular, well-balanced nourishing meals.
  • Pace yourself--put a time limit on dealing with your difficulties--and take regular rest breaks.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Choose to have daily contact with uplifting, supportive people who can listen and encourage you in your strength.
  • If you're caring for others, take care of yourself first, so you have the strength and endurance to continue to help others.

Slowly, Slowly Step Back In

Create Safety and Security

We all do our best thinking and acting when we do it from a place of feeling safe and secure. So when life feels out of control stop and start over. It may not be easy, but it is essential.

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Jean | said...

Aaaaahhh ... Sue, I feel better already! :-) Great post *and* great illustrations.

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Jean, I am so glad this did the trick for you today! It seems so often that life is like a galloping horse getting away from us. For me, the message I need to heed daily is slow down and start over!

Pauline Wiles said...

Found you via Jean: enjoyed this and the lovely illustrations!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Pauline thanks for stopping by! Hope you signed up for the always free email subscription. Hugs. Lightarted Sue