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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feeling Betrayed and Bitter? Let Self-Imposed Constraints Go~Get on with Living

'Life becomes easier when you learn 
to accept an apology you never got.' 

Robert Brault

What Hurts?

❤ Who or what has hurt or betrayed you?
❤ What are you bitter about?
❤ Where in your heart of hearts do you feel life has done you wrong?
❤ How have you closed yourself off? What makes you hurt inside?

Getting Past the Downside of Life 

Sometimes life lets you down--that job you wanted that slipped through your fingers; that love interest who did you wrong; that organization that treated you poorly; that economy that failed you; that family member making your life miserable as they mess up their own; or that friend who slighted you without apology.

Sure, things happen in life leaving you feeling betrayed and bitter. But why let it keep you dug in and stuck for a lifetime? Acknowledge and name what you're feeling, and sit in your sorrow for a while. Then get ready to dig yourself out of the dark place and get on with living.

When you're ready to brush yourself off and get back on top of the world, let it go and move on. Why? --Because you're worth it.

Don't Belittle Yourself; Be Big Yourself

Corita Kent

'Be Big Yourself'

Consider how that hurt and bitterness you're harboring inside is getting in the way of you freely engaging in or enjoying your life. What good things would open up in your life if you let these soul-killing feelings go?

❤ Have you isolated yourself because you're hurt or bitter about how someone treated you? 

❤ Have you failed to seek help for yourself to deal with the situation because you're bitter and angry because it's someone else's problem (e.g. attending Adult Child of Alcoholic  or Al-anon/Alateen meetings.)?

❤ Have you refused invitations to get together with friends or family because you're home licking your wounds?

❤ Have you failed to apply for a job because you're bitter about the last job interview?

❤ Did you fail to ask that new person out because the last one hurt you?

❤ Is that bitterness about making less than you deserve getting in the way of you appreciating the good things in the job or zapping your energy to look for a better paying job?

Let go feeling betrayed and bitter by acting from your BIG self--knowing you have what it takes to move through whatever challenge life presents you. 

Start by acknowledging you're strong and you desire a fully-engaged life free from self-imposed constraints. 

Treat yourself with compassion--know you're worthy of a life free from the constraints bitterness imposes on your way of life.

Cleanse Yourself of Hurt and Bitterness

When you consciously cleanse hard feelings out of your soul you make room for more uplifting and positive experiences to show up. 

You'll see opportunities you were blind to when you stop wasting your energy nursing the hurt and bitterness. Stop stuffing and harboring your bitter feelings; cleanse them and move on.

'People grow through experience 
if they meet life honestly and courageously. 
This is how character is built.'  

Eleanor Roosevelt

Forgive and Release Hard Feelings

Do you care enough about yourself to forgive and let go of the bitterness? 

Forgiving and letting go of the bitterness isn't about the other person or organization--it is about freeing yourself to take back your own power and sense of control.

The hardness and bitterness you hold on to takes away your power; forgiveness and letting the bitterness go gives you back your power. 

Stand tall, stay calm, and remember you have the power to move your life forward.


 'Toss your dashed hopes not into a trash bin 
but into a drawer where you are likely to rummage some bright morning.' 

Robert Brault

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