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Friday, February 24, 2017

Listen Carefully: Everything True and Good we Learn from Dogs

Ralph Waldo Emerson Speaks

Ralph Waldo Emerson Speaks

Meet Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Dog--a larger than life being with a big personality who graces the lives of my good friend, Sally and her family. Emerson is a dog with impeccable social manners--making everyone who visits feel welcome and part of the pack. He plays the welcoming host during your visit--sitting or walking alongside you to assure your comfort and safety--until your departure.

With his amicable, easy-going and unflappable manner Ralph Waldo Emerson greets you when you arrive with an enthusiastic tail wag and a look deep into your eyes that says 'I see you and know you're here to be seen. Come. Sit. Stay'. 
When I first met this playful but gentle giant I immediately envisioned his human namesake's words of wisdom coming from Emerson the dog and this is what lead me down the path of seeking quotes--especially from Ralph Waldo Emerson--worthy of emanating from humankind's best friends.  

Be Still~Listen carefully to the teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson the dog and what your dogs want you to know. Watch and learn.
Emerson on the road less traveled

Ralph Waldo Emerson contemplates 
the universe and shares his world view

Otter says, 'Ooh La La~mais oui!'

Emma says 'Dig Deep!'

Arrow says,🎵 'How to handle a doggie? 
There's a way said a wise old dog. 
The way to handle a doggie
 is to love him, simply love him🎵.'

Emerson says, 'Show me'.

Arrow says, 'Love you to the moon and back!'

Cassius Clay says, 'Get yourself a chunk of hunk to love on, Winnie!'

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john miller said...

Absolutely. Dogs have been my best friends and teachers. I would be beyond lonely without at least one living with me. I just wish I was young and could start all over with dogs again. I know I'd have many more than I did this time around. I'm training a new dog right now. Thanks for this.

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Me too, John. I love dogs. They are who we look to for silent understanding and love. They love us no matter what. Hugs.

Jean | said...

I'm a cat person, have never had a dog. But these guys are adorable! And *you* are terribly clever!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Well, Jean--as a lover of the Emerson you just have to love getting a new perspective on the Emerson's views through Emerson the Dog. You may recognize the slight tweaks Emerson the Dog gave to his words....