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Monday, January 9, 2017

Step Over Invisible Barriers: Be Pro-Active when You Think Your Actions Won't Matter

 F  E  A  R
 F  E   A   R
False Evidence Appears Real
False Evidence Appears Real
          Forgo All  Insecurity  Trust  Hope
Forgo   All   Insecurity   Trust   Hope
Forgo All  Insecurity Trust Hope
Forgo All  Insecurity Trust Hope
F  A  I  T  H

When False Evidence Appears Real Why Try Anyway?
  • The job you're interested in has 50 applicants and friends say it's futile to apply, so why bother submitting your resume?
  • Your loved one lying unconscious on the ground doesn't have a heart beat so why even attempt to perform CPR?
Many times in life we come face-to-face with overwhelming situations like these--both large and small--making us feel helpless to do do anything about the situation. But before you look outside yourself for what's stopping you from taking action that could very well influence the outcome, take a look inside and you'll discover you hold the key to unlocking your ability to act.
Belief Barriers: It isn't because of external factors or 'evidence' that we fail to act on things that matter to us. It's our belief about our inability to make a difference getting in the way. 

When we believe our actions won't matter, we fail to act and our beliefs become truth: We don't speak up so we're not heard; we fail to apply so we don't get the job; we fail to do CPR so our loved one dies--further proof of the 'rightness' of our beliefs.

Belief Barriers most powerful deterrents: Our own belief barriers are the most powerful deterrents to our taking action when it really matters to us. If we allow our BELIEF BARRIERS to rule, 'false evidence appears real', and fear sets in and immobilizes us.

You Hold the Key

How to Forgo All  Insecurity toTrust and Hope

How do you step over invisible barriers when you think your actions won't matter?

➨  When False Evidence Appears Real and you're afraid to take action it's time to  change strategies. 

1.  Stop thinking--and 'act as if' you can make a difference.

2.  Practice stepping past invisible barriers when it really matters--again and again and again. Don't worry about the outcome. Focus on the taking of actions, not the outcomes.

3.  Stay focused on what you want--that job, relationship, or freedom--and despite 'all evidence to the contrary' continue to take steps to open the possibilities for the life or outcomes you want. Believe in your ability to take steps whether they'll matter or not. It is the taking action that is key.

Step by Step Worry-Free

Anyhow....Just Keep Taking Steps

Belief Barriers stop us from acting, so by consciously taking step after step--without concern for the outcome--we show ourselves we can step past those invisible belief barriers holding us back. 

By choosing an action-oriented life you are choosing to create a habit of thinking that lets you more effectively by-pass hard to catch belief barriers.

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Barb M said...

As usual, I read this post exactly when I needed to see the words. Thank you, Susan! Happy New Year!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Barb--You go girl! Hugs!

Jean | said...

"Focus on the actions, not the outcome" is something I will always remember! Thanks again, Sue, for another very helpful post!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Thanks, Jean. Focusing on the taking of actions rather than on the outcomes has been the key for me to stepping over those invisible barriers. At the moment I sense a failure to act, I look for the simple actions I'd like myself to take and I start.