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Monday, January 2, 2017

From Doomed to Revived: Restoring Trust

'Every journey begins with a single step.'     Lao Tzu

Recovering from Shattered Trust 

Did 2016 leave you feeling like giving up? Don't know who or what to trust? Lose your faith in life and humanity? Want to regain your ability to trust life and move on feeling secure with your place in the world?

If we are to regain equilibrium in 2017 we need to back away from our fear-inducing focus paralyzing us into daily inaction, and return to an action-oriented attitude showing ourselves we can make a difference in our world and our thoughts through our daily actions. 

The surest path to our mutual destruction and inertia is paved with an eroded faith in life, a disbelief in our ability to influence outcomes, and a loss of belief in the basic goodness of others. Without trust in these basic foundations of life we are doomed to remain stuck and afraid. 

If the events of 2016 have left you suspended in a state of shattered trust--choose to begin the trek back to enjoying a life based on trust and faith by first re-building trust in your inner circle~within yourself, with your friends, and in your own life~before attempting to restore trust on a grander scale.

There is in every
True woman’s heart
A spark of heavenly fire
Which lies dormant
In the broad daylight
Of prosperity-
But which kindles up
And beams and blazes
In the dark hour of adversity

'To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.'     Confucius

Take Action to Build Trust

To recapture trust in your ability to act in meaningful ways in the world, you need to begin with yourself.

Act 'As If': When trust is shattered, and you even lack the faith in your own inner wisdom to lead you back to a secure and more hopeful existence--then act as if--and take a step. 

Act as if you are a role model for others by doing something to make someone's life better. Then do it again. You have to start somewhere and starting with yourself is key. Seek to do something good for others daily.

Verify: If you don't trust yourself to know the right steps to take--test the truth of your wisdom by taking action. You'll know soon enough if you want to continue down this path or choose another direction. You can never go wrong taking actions that improve another's life or actions that restore trust with a loved one.
 'Allow the heart to empty itself of all turmoil! Retrieve the utter tranquility of the mind from which you issued.'   Lao Tzu

Trust Your Friends

Seek evidence of the basic goodness of others. Make it your mission each day to find evidence of the basic goodness of others. Begin with your friends and family. Look to surround yourself with people who serve others--including animals and the environment. 

Your trust in humanity and life will revive as you collect and share more heart-warming stories of people doing good to offset the heart-wrenching stories of people doing harm.

Yes, there is evil in the world and people do horrible things to others. But to come from a place of strength rather than defeat, you need to get your eyes off the horrors to see what is going well in the world, and on the goodness and compassion you surround yourself with.

Trust Yourself to Seek Truth

Each moment of life is an opportunity for renewal. Seek truth about what makes you re-engage in life and allows you to trust again. Actively pursue directions that make you feel fully alive and engaged in creating your life. 

Dare to Dream the Impossible Dream During Difficult Times

Don't let recent events keep you in a state of shattered trust and relationships. Dare to dream the impossible dream during difficult times. Choose to triumph over the obstacles that get in the way of you coming alive and fully engaging in life. You always have another step to take. 

Step Back into Trust & Hope

Turn F E A R into H

 F  E  A  R
 F  E   A   R
False Evidence Appears Real
False Evidence Appears Real
          Forgo All  Insecurity  Trust  Hope
Forgo   All   Insecurity   Trust   Hope
Forgo All  Insecurity Trust Hope
Forgo All  Insecurity Trust Hope
F  A  I  T  H

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