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Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to Keep Going Despite a Bruised Spirit and Heavy Heart

As President Obama said in his goodbye speech to his staff,
let this time be a comma, not a period.


I have a trick ankle that acts up when I least expect it. I can be walking along feeling great and in a blink of an eye, my ankle suddenly twists and I'm down for the count.

Like my ankle--
life is sometimes tricky--taking your spirits down when you least expect it.
But I've learned a very important lesson from dealing with my ankle I apply to life: The proper response to being taken down is to get back up, shake it off, and keep on trucking. The injury you endure from your fall will be lessened when you just keep going. When you get up and just keep going, you allow your falling down to be a comma--or moment in time--not a period--or ending--in your life story.


Be Boyant~
Get Back Up and Just Keep Going 

Just as the R.I.C.E. principle of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation is prescribed for the early treatment of acute soft tissue injuries, such as an ankle sprain or strain, the four R.I.C.E. steps can be used to guide you in recovering from an acute injury to your spirit--acting as your momentary 'comma' to give you time to regain your strength and composure to carry on.

Rest your Spirit

A comma for your life story

Rest your spirit. Give yourself down time to calm rather than inflame your emotions and spirits. An Epson salts soak can help remove the aches and pains, and calm you after a fall from grace or a bruised spirit.

Ice--Apply a 20 minute period of 'chilling out' every hour as needed for the first 48 hours after injury to your spirit. This is the ultimate 'comma' experience. Do something else to take your mind off your problem. The larger the issue dragging you down the more important it is to apply this momentary comma regularly--like for the next 48 years!

Compression--Contain the injury to your spirit by pulling in and creating a safe place to just be. Compress the time you dwell on the problem as you regain your strength and resiliency. After you step up to take action on things of importance, pull back in and rest.

Elevation--Look up from your problems to find the the solution for moving on. The recommendation for healing an injured ankle is to elevate it at or above the level of the heart. It is the same for healing your tender spirit--elevate your view above the level of your heart. 



When things that really matter to you aren't going your way, learn to get back up and keep going. Live by the 4 S's: show up, stand up, speak up, and stay on track. Learn to act in ways that make this a momentary comma in your life experience~keep it simple...and keep on going. Period.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to be over~it's about learning how to dance in the rain.

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Jean | said...

Sue, I can't begin to comment on the wonderfulness of this post! So I'll just tell you a story about my trick knee that, like your trick ankle, just without warning lands me on the ground every once in a while. And it's not just since I've been "a woman of a certain age;" it's been doing this since I was a cute young thing. :-) Back then, I had just boarded a plane and was going down the aisle and bam! But three men jumped up to help me. I walked a few feet and bam! This time one man helped me and one hesitated. But when it happened a third time, *nobody* helped me and, in fact, everyone on the plane was looking at me like I was either drunk, drugged or crazy. I figure when I get old and it happens, someone will help me because I'm old. But right now I'm somewhere in between, so chances are when my knee goes out I'm on my own! :D

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Jean, you are such the story teller! Love your empathetic story!