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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude--May There be Peace within You Today

Are You Listening? 

How many times have you been sent this or other simple messages from an angel in your life--someone who takes the time to wish you well? What did you do with the message? Delete it? Read it impatiently so you could hurry on with your day?

It doesn't matter what your spiritual leanings are. It isn't about whether you believe in Saints, religion or angels. It is about someone thinking about YOU and wishing you well. This simple blessing is worth a moment of contemplation each and every time you receive it. 

Practice Mindfulness

I receive this blessing at least every other month. When it arrives I stop and do something with it to let the message seep in. I read it as if I have never seen it before--and I read it as if the person who sent it really cares. Discover the meaning in the words for your life today by asking questions.

💜 Where in my life am I feeling anxious, cluttered, or hurried? Let it go.

💜 Where is it I'm trying to get to in my life that isn't here? Relax--I am exactly where I am meant to be.

💜 Where have I closed myself in? Remember the vast possibilities available to me.

💜 What are my gifts? Am I giving them to the world fully today? Who do I need to pass the love onto today? Who needs to know they are loved?

💜 Where in my life do I lack a feeling of contentment? Let it go. Rest in the knowledge I am a child of God and all is well in my world.

💜 How can I let this seep into my bones? Today I will fully give of myself and contribute enthusiastically to the world around me.

We all need to be mindful of the blessings and well-wishing that surrounds our day. May there be peace within you.

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