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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Having Self-Doubts? Embrace Your Audacious Spirit

Unselfconsciously Fully-Engaged in Life

When you embrace your Audacious Spirit , you put fear aside to unselfconsciously show the fully engaged and fully alive person you are: You embolden yourself to seek justice; right wrongs; go where others have not; think differently; and step over boundaries and past barriers to unleash your best talents and self. 

An Audacious Spirit Promotes Strength

Unlike possessing a brassy, bossy, or bully spirit, an audacious spirit is one that promotes your strength to meet the world head on rather than one that is determined to control others into submission.

Let Obstacles and Difficulties Spur You into Audacious Action

We are all spurred into audacious action through coming face-to-face with difficulties and self-doubt. 

While your initial response is to retreat from obstacles and difficulties, the discomfort of the situation rekindles your naturally audacious spirit to do battle. 

After hiding inside, suddenly you'll discover the strength to once again speak up and act in ways that create the type of workplace, community, family, relationship or life you want.  

Be Audacious! Embrace and Reframe Experiences Causing Self-Doubt

Choose to embrace and redirect life experiences that cause you to doubt yourself. Don't be afraid of the difficulties and don't be afraid of retreating into yourself in response to the blow you take from dealing with them. 

Reframe what is happening when you retreat--learn to sit in the discomfort and view it as a time to regroup and build up your indomitable spirit to reemerge fully prepared to face life boldly and courageously. Then get out there and meet life head on.

Today I am Audacious!

Extremely bold and daring; 
Recklessly brave and fearless;
Shameless Bold and Brazen;
Extremely Original and Highly Inventive;
Recklessly bold in defiance of convention; 
Lively; Unrestrained; Uninhibited;
Courageous, Dauntless, Venturesome;
Unabashed, Shameless; Impertinent, Forward.

Get out there!

Get the Job
Get The Man/Woman
Get The LIFE
Fight for  GOOD HEALTH


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Madeline Vance said...

Love it sweet❤ ..we should talk soon ,,got a car.

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Madeline, you audacious lady---you got a car! Come visit. Lightarted Sue