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Monday, August 8, 2016

Always Build a Nest in the Eye of the Storm~A Story

~Traveling on her life adventure, 
with change and uncertainty 
as her constant companions~

~And life swirling around her 
like a hurricane~

~Often feeling like a fish
swimming upstream ~

~She retreats into her inner sanctuary 
and learns how to build a nest
In the eye of the storm~

~Using her strength and wisdom
She creates a soft cushion 
on which to rest when weary
and an openness 
to think and hope~

~Slowly, slowly she begins 
to rebuild her life after the storm~
Each time rediscovering 
the strength
 and resiliency inside her~

~Soon she finds contentment, 
happiness and tranquility 
are hers once again and~

~She Lives Happily Ever After~
knowing she has what it takes 
to deal with whatever life
 throws at her because she is 
one smart and strong woman!

Dedicated to 'Moey' for requesting this story be drawn.

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