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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Moment of Colorful Meditation: One Little Boat~One Perfect Day

One Little Boat, 
One Perfect Day
A day of perfection as told to me by Rebecca Fowler

There we were~
Just one little boat
Floating in a serene blue green sea
Two of us idly lounging on our wee boat
Happily fishing for hours
No Worries 

We gazed at the beautiful sky above
and into the watery depths below,
Listening to the chorus of whales
spouting WHOOSHing sounds
all around us

Their gentle breathing sounds became
the ocean soundscape filling the salt air

Then with a flip of a tail they dove into the depths,
Fins silently sliding back into the ocean

Harmoniously connecting the journey 
above the sea with the depths of 
the watery world below

We caught a beautiful little black cod

And also a ling cod 

But we said hello and let them go back to the sea 

Whooshing them well on their journey… 

No worries 

A perfect ending for a perfect day

This illustrated book is of course dedicated to Rebecca, my muse, for allowing me to peek into her personal moment of colorful meditation and share it with you. 

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