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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Been Down so Long Don't Remember How to Feel Good?

'Happiness comes into our lives through doors
we don’t even remember leaving open'
Rose Lane
Expect the Unexpected
Sometimes when you've been down so long you don't even remember what it feels like to be up. But sometimes--when you least expect it--happiness and good times show up on your doorstep. Then what? How do you act? What do you do?
How to Act when Happiness and Good Times Return
Don't chastise them for being late--and don't call them liars and send them away again. Instead, treat Happiness and Good Times as honored guests--welcome to stay as long as they'd like.
Take them for long walks through town to reacquaint them with your environment. Dress them up and show them off to everyone you meet. Let them shine.
Take them out with friends and loved ones to welcome them home.  Share their sparkle and let their fairy dust sprinkle on those you love.
Sit quiet and let them whisper words of love and encouragement in your ear. Trust them to speak truth to you, and then help them build a soft nest to rest in your heart. Thank them for coming home to roost.
Leave the Door Open  for Happiness
If you've been down so long you don't remember how to feel good, leave the door open for happiness and good times to return. Keep a positive expectation for the good times to show up.
Keep a green tree in your heart
and perhaps a singing bird will come.
Chinese Proverb
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