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Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Can Do it. Trust Yourself

**What is it you want yourself to do?**

**What do you need to do to accomplish it?**

You know the way.

Go do it.

Be Wise

Trust Yourself

Act on What You Know

The Wisdom Within

You have  within you a deep understanding of people, things, events and situations. Turn that knowledge into actions that consistently produce the optimum results for you with a minimum of time and energy. Trust yourself.

Start a Happiness Habit

Research shows giving love and support to others has more impact on your own health and happiness than getting support. Get in the habit of sending a daily Lightarted Card to one person you care about with a brief personal note of encouragement from you. You will make the other person's day and create a more optimistic outlook for yourself.

To send a personal message with a link to this Lightarted Postcard, click the M button (for 'eMail this) on the bottom of the Lightarted page '--write your brief note, add both your recipient's and your own e-mail address and send.

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