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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You are a Force--Do Not Wish for a Life without Obstacles

What do you need to clear?

~Everyone has struggles~.
~Everyone faces obstacles.~
~Everyone deals with adversity.~

What are your obstacles?

Do not wish for a life without challenge.
We become stronger and more content when we face and overcome challenges.

Be a Force.
Begin anew each day.
Each moment of your life is new, fresh and vital.
Clear those obstacles.
Step over the invisible barriers.

What is one step you can take to walk past your obstacle?
Do it NOW.

Believe in Your Strength

Believe in Your Ability to Take Action

Start a Happiness Habit

Research shows giving love and support to others has more impact on your own health and happiness than getting support. Get in the habit of sending a daily Lightarted Card to one person you care about with a brief personal note of encouragement from you. You will make the other person's day and create a more optimistic outlook for yourself.
To send a personal message with a link to the Lightarted Postcard, on the bottom of the Lightarted page click the M Button for 'email this'--write your brief note, add both your recipient's and your own e-mail address and send.
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