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Friday, February 3, 2012

Practice Mindfulness--One Still Moment Provides Peace and Strength

'Have patience with all things; but first of all with yourself.'

St Francis de Sales, 1567-1622

·         What are you feeling anxious about?

·         What are you in a hurry to get past?

·         What are you beating yourself up about?

Stop Wasting Your Time--Practice the Pause and Linger Within

Why waste your time berating yourself? Learn to pause and sit quietly within yourself to let your incredibly smart and well-ordered mind find an unhurried way through your difficulties. 

It was Seneca, a Roman philosopher (4 BC-65 AD) who said, 'the first proof of a well-ordered mind is to be able to pause and linger within itself'. He may not have called it 'practicing mindfulness' back then, but that is exactly what Seneca was talking about.

The Five Minute Cure

Run a little experiment. Sit quiet for five minutes. Do nothing. Gently breathe in and out. Let your mind and body grow still. In the stillness of the moment, choose one positive action to take that will calm and strengthen you. Do it now.

Calmly repeat daily.

Your Daily Moment of Mindfulness Creates Consistent Positive Outcomes

Don't be in a hurry to bypass the five minute cure. You have too much to give the world to stay anxious and distressed. Pause and allow yourself to engage in this five minute practice daily--starting now
Get a journal or notebook to jot down each daily positive action you choose to take. Describe what you did and how you felt after taking a singular step.

Within a week of practicing five minutes of calming mindfulness daily, you will have taken seven steps; within a month of daily mindfulness you'll have calmly and deliberately accomplished 30 positive steps.

Choose to gently untangle your mind-- and with a clear mind and renewed spirit confidently step over your invisible barriers. Life is good--follow your dreams calmly and one step at a time.

'Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.'

St Francis de Sales, 1567-1622

Do you need help moving out of feeling anxious into a calmer, more productive and peaceful state of mind?

 For more than 25 years, Susan Meyerott has been helping people lighten up and step over invisible barriers to change one step at a time. She speaks to your heart, puts you at ease, and makes changing easier than ever before. Contact Susan to schedule one or on-going life change coaching sessions.

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