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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Step into Your Life--Play Your Own Interactive Life Game of Twenty Questions

'It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers' James Thurber

Do you know some of the questions to ask yourself?

What direction is your life taking at the moment? Is it where you want to go?

What are your burning life questions?

If you were to do something surprising with your life, what would it be?

What is the most interesting question someone has asked you about your life?

What is the most important thing you could do with your life? How can you be of greatest service to others?

What's stopping you from taking a step--any step?

Putting Your Cards on the Table

Face it--sometimes you don't know what you want--you just know where you are isn't it. Or you know where you want to go but you don't know how to get there. Feeling blue and unmotivated you fail to take a step because you're uncertain what step to take. If you let yourself stay in these paralyzing thoughts, you can really spiral down into isolation and inactivity.

Time to Put Your Game Face On--and Get Back in the Game

What IS stopping you from taking a step? Fear? Shame? Insecurity? Lack of confidence? Feeling overwhelmed?

No matter what the reason--or even if you don't know the reason--it's time to reach out to a trusted friend or two and engage in a game of twenty questions--in which you listen to and respond to the questions they ask you about your life.

To get back in the game: Begin by suspending judgment on your life and self. Contact one person to get together for conversation away from your usual environment--go for a walk and talk, or for coffee somewhere new. Just the act of getting out of your usual environment will help you experience a new perspective on life and energize your thinking.

Living Life as a Game of Twenty Questions

Lately I've been experiencing my own life as a game of twenty questions-- in which other people ask me questions forcing me to choose a path. If you are open to being influenced by others--as I am-- this is a very interesting and useful way to live life--as long as you choose positive people to influence your life.

Because we see ourselves for who we aren't and other people see us for who we are, our trusted friends and family are in a unique position of being able to see where our talents and positive characteristics lie. They often zero in on the exact thing we need to step around or step into with both feet.

The key is to get yourself out of your own head--and to consciously engage in your conversations as if you were playing a game of twenty questions--only in this game you start with a 'blank screen' and see where you end up.

Starting the Game of Twenty Questions with a Blank Screen

This is a very interesting and enlightening way to play the game of twenty questions: Start with a 'blank screen'--do not have a person in mind when you begin the game. Notice, as the other person asks you questions--Is this person young or old? Male or female? Dead or alive?--where you started without a vision of this person you very shortly begin to form a picture in your mind. Test this out by clicking on the link to play 20 questions below.

Click on this link and begin to play without thinking about someone famous.

Notice as you answer the questions you are lead down a path and eventually have a picture of someone in your head.

Play Your Own Interactive Life Game of Twenty Questions

You can continue your own real life game of twenty questions by stepping into your life to ask a question and learn the answer. Apply for one job to find out 'am I interested in this job?' Ask one person on a date to determine 'am I interested in dating or in this person?' Attend one retirement seminar to determine 'am I ready and able to retire?'  Get out of the house and go for one walk to discover 'do I feel better when I'm active or taking action--no matter how small?'

Want to Help Me Play Twenty Questions?

I would love to have you influence my thinking. Click on the word comments below. If you are confused how to comment as yourself, leave an anonymous comment. You can also e-mail me or leave a comment on facebook.

What questions would you have me ask myself?
What is the focus of Lightarted Living?
Is Lightarted Living going in the right direction?
How would you describe the audience for Lightarted Living?

Thanks for playing!


Grant said...

Hey Sue,

Once again, great post! You ask some great questions and explore some really interesting and useful ideas.

So here's a question for you :-)

What could you say 'Yes!' to, that would make a positive difference to Lightarted Living, that you've never said yes to before?

smiles and best wishes,

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...


I love that we're criss-crossing across the wires (and ocean). I just sent you an e-mail message about publishing. I thought about this 20 questions post relating to your saying YES articles as I wrote. What I will say Yes to is to move to the next step with the e-book on Kindle. Thank you for being willing to Play--and influence my life---way over here!

Anonymous said...

Well...this is a question I learned from Sue many moons does lightarted living make lightarted players(so much better than readers or thinkers don't you think?) feel today and how will it make them feel and act in the future? you are so much better at asking than I am but you know what I mean put yourself in their shoes. love tmr

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...


I love lightarted players in place of readers. That helps me think about the players differently. After all it IS all about becoming players in your life....

with appreciation,
Lightarted Sue