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Friday, November 18, 2016

Life is Good and All is Well: Why It's Important to Stop and Start Over Daily

 Life is Good! All is Well!

Stop and Start Over

Still feeling unsettled by recent events and uncertainty over what the future holds? Me too. But that's why at least once each day I like to stop to touch bases with my gratitude for the life we do live. 

When we give thanks for all the good things and good people we have in our lives it renews our inner strength and allows us to move forward with greater resiliency. 

We do better when we face what we fear through action and approach each day knowing 'life is good' and 'all is well'. 

Each moment of my life is new, fresh and vital!

Refresh Your Spirit and Demonstrate Your Strength Daily

When you stop and start over you give yourself a moment to start fresh each day. The purpose of re-centering is to call on your strong self to take charge of your day, and then to purposefully set yourself up to take action on the one thing you think that if you were to act on it, it wouldn't make a difference

The biggest barrier to our making a difference is our own invisible belief that if we take action it won't matter so we fail to act. 

Choose to suspend judgment, cut off thinking, and simply take one positive action a day about something you care deeply about.

Love One Another
Plant Kindness; Harvest Love

Find a Way to Begin Building Bridges

This has been a contentious year with anger, hurt feelings and fear permeating the social environment.  We need to begin the healing.

When you're ready, consider reaching out to others with kindness. Find a way to build bridges with people who sit on the opposite side. Practice listening with compassion. 

No this is not easy--and none of us should expect to achieve healing immediately. But until we begin building bridges and reestablishing relationships with people we love and care about we will continue to be stressed and feel uneasy. 

You do not need to give up your beliefs or stop fighting for what is right when you choose to begin the healing of key relationships. By focusing on where you can come together with friends and family while putting the contentious issues aside you can begin the process of reopening communication. 

It isn't always easy to 'love one another'--especially when emotions run high. When you are ready to move forward, make the first move, and stay steady even if your initial efforts are rejected.

Life IS Good~and All IS Well~but only if each of us does our part to make it so. Find a way to access your strength, courage, and compassion daily. Stop and reset.

Follow the voice in your HEART

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moey said...

I went to Deep Singing and we sang Gratitude Songs... This made a HUGE difference for all of us!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Ahhhhhh....deep singing gratitude songs. So very powerful!