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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Heal Your Soul: Listening to Whisper's of the Heart

Lee Bryant, Artist

Quiet Your Soul

When the ranting noise of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty escalate in your head--let that be your signal to stop and dig deep within yourself to listen to the whisper's of your heart instead.

You are a force of nature--filled with strength, gentleness, wisdom, and purpose. You are here to fully participate in life and make a difference. You need to nurture your 'force of nature' self by retreating from the noise of the world so you can return with strength, compassion, and confidence.

Arlo, the dog-cat contemplating 
the path of tranquility
Lee Bryant, artist

Slow Down to Calm the Noise

Seek a path of tranquility to quell your nerves. Shut the world's noise out until you find balance within yourself. Consciously choose the messages and images that find their way into your psyche. 

Let go of images that clutter your brain and that weaken your heart and resolve to do good. Consciously seek calming and uplifting messages. When something touches your heart, send it back out to the world to encourage and uplift others.

Choose to be a force of good in the world based in a strong, yet gentle nature driven by a calm passion from within.


Within your HEART keep one still 
secret spot where dreams may go....

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