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Friday, January 1, 2016

Audacious Introverts and Extroverts: From Shut Down to Speaking Up

The Courage to Speak and Act 

Sometimes when life hits us a big blow--or perhaps many little ones--our resolve to tackle life head on is weakened, and we retreat into a timid place in which we lack the courage to take action, speak out, or tell our truth. 

Now you may falsely believe a timid spirit is confined to introverts and an exuberant spirit is only found among extroverts. But this is a misconception based on the caricature of a soft spoken introvert overwhelmed in a world of outspoken extroverts. 

Extroverts are just as susceptible as introverts to be shut down by life blows and need to find ways to coax themselves back out to face the world; and introverts are just as capable as extroverts to access and show their bold, courageous selves. 

Whether we're introverts or extroverts, we all access our inner and outer world at will, with introverts preferring to spend more time in the inner world and extroverts preferring to spend more time in the outer world.

But when life knocks us down, all of us--introverts and extroverts alike--retreat into our inner world to hold our own counsel and reconnect with our inner strength.

Accessing Your Bold, Audacious Spirit Inside

I know--'audacious' is not a word you generally think of when you think of an introvert and not always for an extrovert either. Yet it is a great word that describes a way of being we should all strive to achieve. 

An Audacious Spirit Promotes Strength
Unlike possessing a brassy, bossy, or bully spirit, an audacious spirit is one that promotes your strength to meet the world head on rather than one that is determined to control others into submission.

Unselfconsciously Fully-Engaged in Life

When you embrace your Audacious Spirit , you put fear aside to unselfconsciously show the fully engaged and fully alive person you are: You embolden yourself to seek justice; right wrongs; go where others have not; think differently; and step over boundaries and past barriers to unleash your best talents and self. 

The two-pronged Chinese Symbol for Crisis
'dangerous opportunity' 

Crisis--a Dangerous Opportunity Spurring You into Action

We are usually spurred into audacious action by a life crisis. While the initial response to a crisis is to retreat into yourself, the sharpness and discomfort of a crisis also rekindles your naturally audacious spirit to do battle--and suddenly you'll step forward to once again speak up to create the type of workplace, community, family or relationship you want.  

Choose to embrace and redirect your life experiences. Don't be afraid of the life crises and don't be afraid of retreating into yourself in response to the blow you take from dealing with them. 

Reframe what is happening when you retreat--learn to sit in the discomfort and view it as a time to regroup and build up your indomitable spirit to reemerge fully prepared to face life boldly and courageously.

Believe in Your Ability to Handle Whatever Life Brings You

Learn to rekindle trust in yourself, turn fear into faith in your future, and seek an Audacious Spirit!

Boldly Turn Fear into Faith

 F  E  A  R
 F  E   A   R
False Evidence Appears Real
False Evidence Appears Real
          Forgo All  Insecurity  Trust  Hope
Forgo   All   Insecurity   Trust   Hope
Forgo All  Insecurity Trust Hope
Forgo All  Insecurity Trust Hope

There is in every
True woman’s heart
A spark of heavenly fire
Which lies dormant
In the broad daylight
Of prosperity-
But which kindles up
And beams and blazes
In the dark hour of adversity

Be Audacious!

Today I am Audacious!
  • Extremely bold and daring; 
  • Recklessly brave and fearless;
  • Shameless Bold and Brazen;
  • Extremely Original and Highly Inventive;
  • Recklessly bold in defiance of convention; 
  • Lively; Unrestrained; Uninhibited;
  • Courageous, Dauntless, Venturesome;
  • Unabashed, Shameless; Impertinent, Forward.

'Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.' William James

This post is dedicated to all the AUDACIOUS WOMEN in 2015 who I witnessed stepping out to boldly support the life and causes they believe in! You are an inspiration to me.

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Jean | said...

This was just what's needed today, the first day of the year! I have no words!

rmeyerott said...

What about all of us audacious men? Where do we fit in?

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Jean I know you are an audacious woman capable of dealing with what life brings you!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Royce --you men are audacious enough! HaHa! Sue