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Friday, February 4, 2011

Golden Opportunities Are Everywhere--Even in Adversity

Stop. Look. Listen.

"Adversity is the state in which man most easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free of admirers then."
John Wooden

How are you today?
  • 'All stressed out and no one to choke?'
  • Someone at work making it difficult for you to do good work and accomplish your goals?
  • Sending job applications into faceless computer sites and getting round after round of rejection?

Put Adversity to Work For You

Golden Opportunities ARE everywhere-- especially in adversity and tough times.

Somehow it seems there's always that ONE person at work or in our life that irritates and annoys us. And now, for job seekers, there isn't even that person to make life miserable---just the computer.Sometimes we feel trapped in a situation with no way out.

React and Your Irritant Controls You

Too often we react to unpleasant situations by 'actively avoiding what we don't want'.
  • I don't want to work with her so I'm quitting my job (that I love).
  • I don't want to be rejected by a computer so I quit. I'm not applying for any more jobs.
  • I don't want to be bullied by him, so I'm just shutting up and keeping my thoughts to myself.
 When we react, we put the irritant in charge of our lives--- making us lose our voice, our dream, our vision, and our way. Life stops up, and we begin the day thinking about the irritant controlling our life instead of what we want to accomplish.

Be the Clam That Produces the Pearl

Why give that person or other irritant the power to control and shape your life? Reframe the situation and take charge. Become the clam that produces the pearl, and turn that irritant into the sand that helps you create your pearl.

Let your irritant, or sand,  be what stops and signals you it's time to consciously and deliberately articulate what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve your Pearl.

When thoughts of your irritant permeate your day, pause, and redirect your attention to what you want. Consider how you want to work through the sand, instead of getting stuck in it-- and what you're going to do keep the focus on your internally motivated work or dreams.

Life is Full of Opportunities

Golden opportunities are everywhere for you.  No one can trap you or hold you back--only you. Learn to act, not react, to unpleasant situations by choosing to actively move toward what you do want; stop actively avoiding what you don't.

 Stop, look and listen for the golden opportunities in your most troubling situations and relationships as well as in your everyday life.

Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Who or what is your current irritant?
  • How are you letting your irritant get in your way?
  • Are you in charge of your daily actions or are you letting your irritant dictate your actions or inactions? 
  • What is it you dream about achieving that you're letting your irritant stop you from doing?
  • If you were to name one golden opportunity available to you in your current situation, what would it be?
  • If you had all the time in the world and all the money in the world, what would you do with the rest of your life if you knew you couldn't fail?

Be the Clam
Believe it!


connie said...

Talk about the perfect post for the day!!!! Thank you Sue. You have caused me to pause and think!

LightartedSue said...

It's always the perfect post for me, Connie! I constantly need to remind myself to pause and think!

Anonymous said...


How true. I know we should embrace the irritant, but it is sometimes so hard to do.

Good thoughts!

Mark S

LightartedSue said...

Mark, no one said it would be easy! It's not natural to embrace the irritant and that's why we have to pause to consciously deliberate when we get irritated. By embracing the irritant as a positive influence in our lives it puts us in charge, not the irritant--and it keeps us focused on looking for those golden opporutnites in our daily experience. You don't have to love the irritant....just embrace the opportunity you discover.

Anonymous said...

How delightful to encounter another like-minded individual! (My daughter directed me to your blog--thanks, Cat!)

LightartedSue said...

Romancegoddess so glad to make your like-minded acquaintance!

Barbara Mason said...

Hi Sue...Clams are us!!! That pearl is getting very heavy these days to tote around!!! Some days I just have to lay it down & scream or cry .....and then laugh...