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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stop Living for Reason, Time to Start Living for Rhyme

Stop Living for Reason, Time to Start Living for Rhyme
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At the beginning of my career I was referred to as 'The Pitbull'  because it was said, 'she'll grab ahold of your leg and not let go until she gets what she wants'.

I learned from power professionals to 'power dress' and do 'power lunches'. Above all else, if I wanted my work to be taken seriously, as a young woman, I should never enter a room smiling. So I didn't. I was intense and intent, always carrying important papers and books with me (to maintain the image).

But the truth is I am a naturally lighthearted person who enjoys life, work and people. Initially I worked to keep my lightarted side under wraps. But time and experience has a way of exposing our true nature. As I grew older, my authentic self crept out of me-- and then there I was!

Today I enjoy openly and freely being 'Lightarted Sue'. Sure, the pitbull still lives in me, but it is a much more fun animal.

Stop living for reason, time to start living for rhyme is a line out of a musical that is my inner song. I paint it, I sing it, I think it. I give you the complete verse below, and invite you to let your lighter self out. Life is to be enjoyed. Enjoy it today.

Stop living for reason,
Time to start living for rhyme.
I'm on a spree and I'm
Gonna make sure it's a perfectly good waste of time. Lily

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