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Monday, January 17, 2011

I swore I was going to read the manual...

Not Perfect, But Here It Is!
I swore I was going to read the manual. Really! But you know how it is--with my natural style to just jump in and see what happens-- I've pushed a button or two before I've even glanced at the instructions.

Intrigued by getting results, I'm emboldened to push more buttons, and before I know it, I'm immersed in exploring how Photoshop  and digital cameras work instead of reading how they work in the manuals.

Of course it always helps to start out by practicing on something you don't care if you wreck, or delete, if you push the wrong button. That's the case here. I asked my husband to show me how to work the digital camera and upload the pictures on the computer. This picture, one of the first digital photos I took after asking for help, is a little off kilter and the flash shows. It's imperfections make it the perfect candidate to practice on without fear of messing up.

But I know what you're thinking....WHAT? You don't know how to take a picture with a digital camera? As Bill, my photographer friend said:
'It's just like using the old cameras, Sue, but without film. You just point and click.'
Exactly! Bill just proves my point-- the hardest thing about starting to do something you don't know how to do is taking the first step, like asking someone to show you how to do something you know has to be so incredibly easy your pride is sure to be injured the minute you ask for help.
'You click the ON button here, you point the camera in the direction you want to take the picture, and you click and hold this button to take the picture.'
 Easy? Yes. I may not be good at taking the picture but it IS easy to do it. And it IS easy to click a button and see what happens. The freer I feel to practice pushing buttons, the better I'll get at producing outstanding results.This goes for you too!

Don't let fear or pride stop you from stepping over those invisible barriers to taking action. Be willing to learn imperfectly.Make mistakes. Push a button and see what happens. When all else fails, you can always read the manual.....


Barbara Mason said...

Oh Sue! I embrace imperfection on a daily basis and I seem to live a very grand life!!!

Ms Going on 80 said...

I've been pushing buttons and jumping into "whatever" forever....GO SOOZE! It's easy. Just keep know that you won't break anything. It's foolproof. I'm living proof.