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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 Simple Steps to Rid Your Life of Drama and Emotional Clutter

Letting Go of Other People's Stuff

Being a person who values freedom and a sense of flow, I decided I'd work on letting go of things that clutter my mind and attention.

As I considered what I was holding on to that created chaos and distress in my life, a clear pattern started emerging: 

'If I want to lead my life through my naturally calm and joyous spirit I'd gain the most benefit by focusing my attention on letting go of other's drama.' 

This year I'm practicing letting other's drama slip past me without letting it get a toe-hold from the get-go.  This is proving to be a very freeing experience. 

Below are the 3 simple steps I'm taking to minimize the effect other's drama has on my joyful spirit. By keeping it simple and staying conscious of what I allow in, I'm finding it easier to move past the drama each time it erupts.

Thanks to Marie Forleo for the 'walk away from drama' quote

Step 1: Consciously Acknowledge What You Want and What You Don't Want.

Sit, Rest, Work--Alone with Yourself--Joyfully

It's not always easy to sit, rest, work alone with yourself without letting the producers of drama splatter you with their over the top display of ill will and chaos. By consciously choosing to let the drama slide off you, you can better direct negativity away from you. 

Choose to stay focused on what you want--to live joyfully without drama. When drama appears--consciously acknowledge it's presence and actively choose not to engage with it or it's creators.

Step 2: Look Through the Wrong End of a Telescope 
When in the middle of someone else's drama, view the situation as if you were looking at it through the wrong end of a telescope to minimize the view. In your mind, put the drama into a balloon and watch it disappear into the horizon.

Thanks to Grant Soosalu for the breathing technique

Step 3: Choose Calm and Uplift

You are the master of your mind and spirit.  When you're surrounded by other people's drama, choose to breath uplift into your heart and breathe out calmness into your gut. 

If you discover other's drama has crept into your mind long after the event, gently repeat this uplift and calming breathing to regain your center.

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Jean | said...

Sound advice, Sue! And some I need to take!