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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Life's Too Mysterious, Don't Take it Serious

Thank you Mary Englebreit and George Gershwin--and Lee Bryant

How Do You Lift Your Spirits?

  • What do you see when you look out into the world?
  • What are you always listening for?
  • Do you seek positive or negative messages?
  • Does what you listen or look for open up or close down your world? Do you see the world as a good or bad place?

Me? I am a person who surrounds herself with uplifting messages and positive, fun-loving people--and this serves me well.

When I look out into the world I'm always scanning for funny or positive messages, and inspiring and uplifting people--and despite experiencing life difficulties along the way,  I'm constantly brought back to a positive place by the support and good-humor of the people around me and the lightarted perspective they bring with them.

I had the good fortune to spend the weekend with my Sister-in-law, Lee, driving together to my nephew's wedding. Somewhere along the journey she found my cloth grocery bag in my car with the 'Life's too mysterious, don't take it serious' art by  Mary Englebreit, snapped a photo of it and sent it back to me. When I saw the photo I smiled and recalled what a great 5 hours I spent in non-stop conversation with Lee.

After sitting with the message and pondering how it came back to me as a shared experience with Lee, I felt compelled to share the photo of my years-long traveling companion with you--my uplifting grocery bag--and to put the positive message back out into the world.

Positive, uplifting people and positive, uplifting messages are plentiful in the world. Chose to look for and listen for them.  Choose to surround yourself with people and messages that make your world a better place.

  • Who has made your life better this week?
  • Who has supported or uplifted your spirits this week?

Take a moment to thank them--or better yet--find a way to give the support and uplift back to them!

What is the origin of 'life's too mysterious, don't take it serious'?

I have always loved this saying but never thought about the origin. I was surprised to discover that it originates with composer, George Gershwin from the lyrics of 'Life is just a bowl of Cherries'. I did not know that!

Life is just a bowl of cherries. Don't take it serious; life's so mysterious. You work, you save, you worry so, But you can't take your dough when you go, go, go. So keep repeating it's the berries, The strongest oak must fall, The sweet things in life, to you were just loaned So how can you lose what you've never owned? Life is just a bowl of cherries, So live and laugh at it all.

What does it mean? "Like a bowl full of cherries, Life is a limited bowl of moments. You might as well enjoy as many as you can because the value of each is as great as the value of any moment. You can spend it serious and worrying, or realize and savor the sweetness of each moment and live life to its fullest." Kirsch

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Jean | said...

Sue, you've done it again -- another uplifting post filled with great reminders. "I'm always scanning for funny or positive messages, and inspiring and uplifting people" really grabbed me. We can't let the negative people and messages drag us down! I read this post right after sending an upbeat email to an old friend who suffers from anxiety and depression. I try to spread a little "positivity," and now I'm going to do just that by tweeting about this marvelous post!

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Jean I know you are a ray of sunshine for your friends...just by your Delightful Repast blog. You come bundled with good eats and an abundance of 'positivity'! I always love to get your comments.