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Monday, July 7, 2014

Avoiding the Enemies to Happiness--New Book from Grant Soosalu

Do you ever...

  • Feel unhappy, down and lacking in zest and vitality?
  • Find yourself blocked from achieving your goals?
  • Lack the motivation you desire in your life?
  • Feel there is something missing?
  • Want to connect with the deeper part of yourself?

 Would you like to get more out of life? Gain greater levels of joy, happiness and meaning?

Grant Soosalu's new book, Avoiding the Enemies to Happiness addresses these issues while providing us with a fresh perspective on the value of seeking happiness and showing us how to remove the enemies getting in our way of achieving it.

Author and fellow blogger, Grant Soosalu is a wise man. I met him over the internet years ago when I stumbled onto his 'Enhancing My Life' blog. I found him to be upbeat and wise--clearly someone I could learn from. We share many interests in common, including making the world a better place to live in. So when he sent me an introduction to his new book I had to pass it on to you.

What's So Great about being Happy?

I love what Grant has to say about why he was compelled to write Avoiding the Enemies to Happiness--and why happiness is important to all of us:

"Research on happiness shows that happiness increases levels of Creativity and Productivity. It makes people more open to information and to connection with others. Happier people tend to focus on higher callings, on deeper purpose and meaning in their lives and from this they get flashes of insight and brilliance that can make such a difference to our world and our lives. Research also shows that happy people are more likely to be Compassionate. Happiness leads to pro-social behavior. Happy people like to help others, it makes them feel good in a positive feedback loop."

"So the more happiness we bring to people’s lives (and our own lives), the more we support the Highest Expressions of the human spirit. Happiness is like a powerful fuel for bringing people alive. And unfortunately there are insidious enemies to human happiness! Enemies that destroy your joy and meaning in life. And therefore enemies to the highest expression of you!" 

Wanting to Be Happy Not a Selfish Quest

I don't know about you...but this gets at the very core of why it is important for me to avoid the enemies of happiness. I want to be creative, productive, compassionate and fully alive. I want to have the energy and passion to do good in the world around me. 

Being happy isn't just a selfish quest--it is a way of being that allows us to be fully available to the world to achieve good things. It is a worthwhile quest to learn how to tap into the things that make you happy and how to avoid the things getting in the way.

Where to Find out More about Avoiding the Enemies to Happiness 

To purchase or learn more about the book, visit

Grant is offering a 2 for 1 special on the book when you order directly from through July 12, 2014. 

About the Author

Grant Soosalu is an international Trainer, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach with extensive backgrounds in Organizational Change, Training and Leadership Development. He has advanced degrees and certifications in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Applied Physics, Computer Engineering and System Development. He is a qualified Total Quality Management (TQM) Trainer, and has achieved Master Practitioner Certification in the behavioral sciences of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Behavioral Modeling. More recently Grant was awarded a Graduate Coaching Diploma in the newly emerging field of Authentic Happiness Coaching.

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Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Sue, I think I may have "introduced" you and Grant. Seemed like a good fit. You both are great teachers, very inspiring! Anyway ... however you "met," glad you did!