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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Break Free! Prove Yourself Wrong

'We must not allow our own limited perceptions to define us.' Lightarted Sue (with a nod to Virginia Satir)

Frozen in Fear? Failing to Move Forward?

What's the secret to dealing with what ails you? You've got to get up, get out, and keep going doing things that will both calm and energize you!

How do you do that? Stop proving yourself right and start proving yourself wrong!

Stop Proving Yourself Right 

We all like to be right, right? So why, you ask,  would I ever want to prove myself wrong? How can proving myself wrong help free me--and of what? 

The answer lies in what it means to break-free and prove yourself wrong. We all carry around beliefs with us that act as barriers to taking actions on a daily basis.

Our beliefs prevent us from seeking work and relationships, starting new adventures, and from following through on healthy choices.

In this season of New Year Resolutions, I started to observe my self-talk to find why I fail to take action.  Here's what I found about a couple of my beliefs-in-action:

  • I'm too tired to walk the dog at the end of the day. So if I fail to go out before work--that's it--the dog doesn't get a walk.
  • I'm too tired to go to the gym after work. If I fail to go at the beginning of the day, I won't do it.

And you know what? Every day I failed to walk the dog or get to the gym before work I headed home to sit down for the rest of the evening--and proved myself right every time! Amazing--100% accuracy!

You are no different from me in proving yourself right on a daily basis that you can't do things you want yourself to do. 

"If we are to break free and move forward in some aspect of our lives we must give up being right--and choose to prove ourselves wrong."

Break Free: Prove yourself Wrong

Breaking free by proving yourself wrong means you step past belief barriers preventing you from moving forward by moving into action one step and one day at a time.

Start by making a short list of beliefs that may be preventing you from taking actions that would improve your life. Then choose one belief barrier to step past by taking action

Belief Barriers

  • The job market has changed. I'd just embarrass myself by walking into an organization to drop off a resume or to talk to someone directly about a job.
  • I'm too tired to go out after work. 
  • I'm too busy to meet anyone.
  • I should have started saving for retirement earlier. Now it's too late.

How do you want to Prove yourself Wrong?

  • Get a job by walking in and asking for one.
  • Drop off 3 resumes to places you'd like to work.
  • Ask 1 person for a job referral. 
  • Ask one person to go out for a friendly night on the town.
  • Spend one hour setting up a LinkedIn account.
  • Drive to the gym after work instead of driving home.
  • Leash up the dog when you get home from work and go for a walk.
  • Make a contribution to an IRA.

Prove you can do things differently.The more you prove your belief barriers wrong through taking daily actions, the sooner you'ill set yourself free to pursue the life you want.

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Jean | Delightful Repast said...

So true, Sue! I shall try to remember those three words, "Prove yourself wrong!"