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Friday, June 14, 2013

Every Dog will have his Day--and You will too!

A Dog having his Day

"Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew, and dog will have his day."
 [1600 Shakespeare Hamlet v. i. 286]

Life Got You Down?

Why the hangdog expression? What has you concerned about your future?

  • Have you recently graduated and are now worrying about getting a job?
  • Are you worried about keeping your job or wanting to quit a bad one?
  • Have you failed to get a job, or been rejected by a love interest?
  • Are you in a situation that isn't good for you that you need to get out of?

Every Dog will have his Day--and you will too!

Just look at Jack's dog out for a walk 'having his day'. This is a dog totally unconcerned about how the day will unfold. As he walks down the street with his tail and head held high, he knows 'Euerie dog hath his day' --and his day is today. Could this be you too?

Rest assured, like all the dogs and people who have come before you--you'll have your day. The dog-eared expression 'every dog has his day' has been around for over 450 years telling us to 'relax' you'll get your day; 'stop worrying' your time will come.

  • If you failed to get that job, or have been rejected by a love interest--never mind--your day is coming.
  • If you're currently in a bad job or relationship--just know your day of resolve for changing your circumstances is coming.
  • If your time to shine has yet to come--it's on its way.

Every Dog has her Day--And Your Heyday is Coming

Like 'every dog has its day', 'Heyday' is an expression that has been around since the 1600s and goes back to the use of 'hey' as an expression of great enthusiasm and happiness. 
Know your Heyday--or time of maximum power, prosperity, or popularity in which you experience your greatest vigor and success is coming.
SO HEY! Stay open to the possibilities that are before you--your day to shine, succeed, and be loved are just around the corner. Like Jack's dog walking down the street, keep your head high and high-tail it down the road today keeping a positive expectation for the bones coming your way.

Definition of Hangdog Expression: Sad, Dejected
First known use of the Expression: 1677

Meet the Artist

 Jack Rode, 3rd Grader
The Dog Tile Art Project for the Jackson County Animal Shelter

Debi Blair's 3rd grade class at Walker Elementary school in Ashland, Oregon painted tiles to create a bright, cheerful entrance to the dog kennels at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Their creative and fun spirits come through in their art. Come on down to the Shelter to see what a difference their tile art makes.

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