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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Positive Words for a Negative World

 'One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.'
Leonardo da Vinci

Is the World a Friendly or Hostile Place?

* How do you view the world around you? Is it a friendly or hostile place to live?

* Do the people around you mean to do you good or harm?

When I asked myself if I consider the world a friendly or hostile place I quickly and smugly responded 'friendly'--then I was shocked to discover myself currently responding as if 'they're out to get me'.

This morning I woke up thinking about a health assessment I agreed to participate in to lower my health insurance costs. What surprised me was HOW I was thinking about it--'as if they were out to get me and knowing they planned to use my personal health information against me'.

Ah, quite a shock to discover a conspiracy theory at work within me--a truly strange thought for a Health Promotion Professional who believes in health assessments and being honest with herself. What can I say--I wasn't quite awake when I had these thoughts.

When I examined the basis of these negative thoughts I discovered I felt controlled by the company linking my participation in taking the health assessment to lowering my health insurance premiums. For someone who values self-rule and freedom above all else, feeling controlled isn't a good thing.

But never mind that. The point is at that moment in time I was viewing my world as a negative place with people out to do me harm--and that simply won't do.

But Some People Do Wish Me Harm

Granted, not everyone out there has our best interests at heart. Some people DO have wicked intentions. When you decide to view the world as a friendly place you don't throw common sense out the window. The old 'trust, but verify' still applies.

When you choose to see the world as a friendly place you set a positive expectation that where ever you go, loving, caring people are ready to help you succeed. You step out into the world knowing even if there are scam artists and evil doers; there are good people out there too, ready and willing to guide you to positive outcomes.

 As If!

You are the one who makes decisions for your life and the faceless 'they' can only influence your decisions if you let them. You are the driver of how you deal with the world. You decide whether to deal with the world as if it is hostile or as if it is friendly.

'As If' thinking is a very powerful tool that can work for or against you. Since you're in charge of your thoughts you are the only one who can turn your negative 'As If' thinking into positive 'As If' thinking.

Practice Experiencing the World 'As If' it is Friendly

When you catch yourself fighting that invisible enemy out to get you-- pause-- and choose to practice acting as if the world is a friendly place. Start by playing 'what if'--what if everyone in my world was out to help me achieve my greatest desires? What would your world look like? What options and opportunities would open up for you? For example:

If everyone in my world is out to help me achieve my greatest desires then:
  • A free health assessment provides me an opportunity to focus my attention on what I'm doing right and what I still need to improve to achieve my own stated health goals.
  • Everyone who posts a job I'm interested in writes the position with me in mind.
  • People interviewing me for a job want me to stand out as a candidate. They're secretly rooting for me.
  • If I am laid off, the universe is making way for a better situation for me. I am now free to invite creativity and more challenging work into my life.
  • Where ever I go I meet people who are looking to be my friend, my partner or employer.
Seek Help from a Trustworthy Person

If you have difficulty transitioning from experiencing the world as hostile to friendly, seek the assistance of a person in your life you and others know to be trustworthy and ethical.  Sometimes it helps to practice seeing the world through another set of eyes--ones you can easily trust and safely learn from.

This is Your Year to Shine

This is your year to shine! If last year failed to provide you with a positive and energizing environment in which to contribute your gifts and build loving relationships, find ways to get a fresh start. There is no time like the present to go out there and give generously of your gifts. 

What are you waiting for? That friendly world with people who mean you good is waiting for your contributions and gifts.

Believe it!
'Before complaining you are a slave to another, be sure you are not a slave to self. Look within--You will find there-- perchance-- slavish thoughts, slavish desires, and in your daily life and conduct slavish habits. Conquer these; cease to be a slave to self, and no man will have the power to enslave you.' James Allen

Need Help Seeing the World as a Friendly Place?

For more than 25 years, Susan Meyerott has been helping people lighten up and step over invisible barriers to change one step at a time. She speaks to your heart, puts you at ease, and makes changing easier than ever before. Contact Susan to schedule one or on-going life change coaching sessions.


Marilyn said...

good thoughts to start out the new year!

Grant said...

You're so right Sue, the 'as if' frame is a very powerful tool, and what an important insight you've provided that it can be used for positive or negative mindsets. I think most people are already skilled at using it in the negative style and setting up negative self-fulfilling prophecies in their lives. We can all easily turn that skill to positive and generative use. Thanks for another thought provoking post.

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Yes, Grant--people are so very skilled at the negative as if. I love your 'generative use' comment.

Warm Regards,


Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Thanks, Marilyn!