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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good

'Feel Good, Be Good, and Do Good.'  Yogi Tea Bag Wisdom

Giving--the Key to Feeling Good

Feeling low? Want a way to get out of your funk? Recent studies point the way--find a way to 'do good' by giving to others.

Giving to others makes us feel good. According to current studies, we are happier, more energetic and develop better friendships when we reach out to 'do good' for others.

 But apparently giving to others doesn't just make us feel good. In addition to decreasing our chances of getting depressed, giving to others improves our ability to think, strengthens our heart, lowers our stress and increases our lifespan.

In a nutshell, giving to others makes us happy. It is the doing for others that keeps us connected, provides our lives meaning, and extends our lifespan.

Do Good--Be Pro-Lactive!

 I admit some days I get discouraged when I see how poorly people in the workplace are treated or how poorly those without jobs are dealt with. There are plenty of 'equal opportunity employers' who discriminate against the unemployed, older workers, or employees who think differently from themselves.

I'm sure you've had your days too with things that get you down. But if we get stuck looking through the 'they outta treat us better' lens it ultimately leaves us feeling helpless, hopeless, and un-empowered.

We can regain our power and get out of the helpless, hopeless funk by being 'Pro-Lactive'--nurturing and giving to others.

Prolactin is a 'nurturing hormone' best known for its role in producing milk for nursing mothers. When you are 'Pro-Lactive'--you spread the milk of human kindness to nourish the spirits of those around you. The result of your 'Pro-Lactive Action' is better health and well-being for you too.

I Am Good--I Am the Change I Want to see

What we're talking about is social support. We've known for decades that the amount of social support you have in your life greatly affects your health and longevity.

Did You Know?
  • High levels of social support are as predictive of longevity as exercise, while low levels of social support are as detrimental to your health as high blood pressure?
  • There is a high correlation between the amount of social support you perceive you have and your level of happiness?
  • In the workplace the greatest predictor of your job satisfaction and engagement is the amount of social support you perceive you have. (And your productivity is directly related to your job satisfaction and engagement.)
  • The amount of social support you give is more important than the amount you get?

Yes, that last fact is new! Recent studies indicate the amount of social support you give is more important than the amount you get. This is great news! You do not need to rely on the actions of others to increase your happiness, job satisfaction and engagement at work or health. You can positively affect your own well-being by reaching out and supporting others.

"It turns out, that giving feels better, does more for you, and provides greater returns in the long run, than getting ever does."
Shawn Achor, researcher and author of the Happiness Advantage.
Be the change you want to see-- do good for someone else and give yourself an uplift too. Lend a hand, provide a listening ear, or give a moment of kindness.

'I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.
I will not refuse to do the something I can do.'
Helen Keller


Life Enhancing said...

Hey Sue, another important and inspiring post. And "the amount of social support you give is more important than the amount you get" is probably one of the most powerful and useful messages we all can use to motivate ourselves to reach out and help those around us.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and inspiring ideas on your great blog.

smiles, Grant

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...


Once again we are in agreement. I am blown away by how powerful this simple message is. Reach out--it's good for others; it's good for you. It's life enhancing. No waiting around for someone else to do something. Get outside of yourself. So simple.

Best, Susan