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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny

Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny

 I laughed today when a friend said, "Here we are trudging the road of happy destiny."

Something about the words trudging and happy destiny didn't fit in the same sentence and yet it was a perfect fit.

When Things Get Tough, the Tough Get Trudging

Trudge isn't a word you hear much today, but you know the feeling of trudging-- walking heavily, and firmly, as when weary, or through mud --just like it sounds--as in trudging through drudgery. 

At first the image of trudging towards your happy destiny seems at odds with itself, but is it? Think about it.

It is work figuring out how to make relationships, careers, and life work. You toil to figure out what you want, what you have to offer, and how to best go after what you want. Then to achieve your heart's dream you must put yourself out there again and again-- despite failure, rejection, hurt feelings, pain and discouragement.

How Are You Trudging on the Road to Your Happy Destiny?

Consider what's happening in your life.


  • You stepped into a relationship with someone, and you'd like to take it further. But the minute you went on a date things got messy and confusing. To get out of the muddy emotions, you need to trudge through your thoughts and feelings to figure out the best next steps on your path to your happy destiny. 
  • You discovered a new perfect-for-you position opened in your organization. While it's great news, suddenly you feel weary from the the fear and uncertainty of publicly applying for the position. To achieve your dream job you must trudge through updating your resume and cover letter-- and figure out how to apply for the position without upsetting your current boss in the event you fail to get the new job.
  • You met someone who really cares about you and thinks you're wonderful. But right now you're in the middle of a messy divorce and you need to plod through the tedious, yucky details of separating from one person to be able to freely move on to your happy destiny.
  • You work in a job you like but the company is in trouble. You love working--and you're very loyal to the company--so you're in a quandary about staying with the sinking ship or starting to look for another job now.
  • You are trying to find your way back to the road to your happy destiny after losing a loved one or dealing with illness.

Don't Be a Stuck-in-the-Mud, Be a Trudge-in-the-Mud

Life isn't always easy. On your way to your happy destiny, you often come face to face with experiences that make you feel like you're slogging through mud. You get stuck. You get weary. You get discouraged.

But don't be a stuck-in-the-mud. If you let your mucky experiences stop you, they easily turn to quicksand and suck you into staying stuck for a lifetime.

These muddied junctures in life are always stressful. But if you make a conscious choice to move in the direction of your happy destiny, you'll effectively use the stressful energy to motivate you to action, and you'll grow stronger, more capable and more self-confident.

Learn to be a trudge-in-the-mud who moves toward freedom and a happy destiny.
  • Accept your path can get muddied and you can get weary along the way.
  • Acknowledge you'll still need to slog your way out of the muck, but you will be moving toward your happy destination.
  • Keep moving toward your dreams and taking steps that open up opportunities, possibilities and engagement in your life.
No one's path to their happy destiny is an easy one. When you set your eyes on what you want you still must overcome the fear of putting yourself out there as well as overcome the obstacles to achieving your dreams.

Keep on Trudging

Your job in life is to take steps toward what you want, without concern for the outcome. As you step into life some doors will open and some doors will close. No matter. Keep taking those steps and walking through the open doors. And don't be afraid of the mud.

Be courageous and diligent in meeting life's challenges. Step into your life with your Muck boots on--and keep on trudging.

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." James Dean


Anonymous said...

Love it Sue, although maybe you need a do it the mud heart:).

Yes, here I am in trudging in the muck! Sometimes even enjoying the slurcking sounds and boot-stealing slurps and the sinking to my ankles feeling, except I am not sure I am going in any direction let alone the right one.

love, tmr

Susan J Meyerott, M.S. said...

Oh yes, there you are! I can see you, tmr, trudging in the muck---enjoying the slurcking sounds and boot-stealing slurps. I also know you are going in the right direction...because you deal with things and pull away from the muck-suckin vermin. And I see you can still enjoy the visual use of words! So SMACK a big kiss to you!