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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Turning Fear into Faith

Turning Fear into Faith Using Quote Art

I am compelled to learn by doing something with messages and quotes sent to me by others. I call what I do Q'art  (quote art) or responsoral art. It is a form of active meditation in which I let the messages seep into my being through playing with color, texture and words. It is my active response to the messages I want to lead my life.

Color Up Your World

Our minds love strong visual images--especially color. You do not have to be an artist to pick up some watercolor and color up a favorite affirmation or quote. All you need is patience and time. Dressing up your favorite quote or affirmation with color is a great way to quiet your mind, focus your attention on the positive, and get into a flow experience.

Turning Fear into Faith

Turning fear into faith was created by changing the color and size of the letters on the computer, and inserting an affirmation heart I created and scanned into the computer. Why not try to do this yourself---and turn your fear of using the computer into faith in your abilities to persist and figure it out. Once you get into the rhythm of playing with the colors and size of the letters on the computer it gets to be fun.

P.S. Thanks Alan!
Thanks to Alan Brown on my MBTI LinkedIn discussion group for asking  to see some of the responsoral art. Today's Q'art is dedicated to this INFP.

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